Legs and feet are heavy labourers. They work long hours every day. This makes leg and foot care more than just an aesthetic endeavour:especially during the cold months, the skin requires additional attention and support to withstand the plummeting temperatures and dry air from the heating. A lack of exercise,insufficient water intake and tight clothing further add to your discomfort. Warm socks, rigid shoes or boots, high heels, ballerinas and partied-through nights leave your legs and feet heavy and swollen. Rest your legs in an elevated position and apply cold wraps for relief. 

Correctly groomed legs and feet function without any aches and ailments – and on top of it, they look great.

For beautiful legs and happy, healthy feet, follow our skincare regime: start by brushing your skin with BODY REFRESHER 21 in the shower every day and additionally apply BODY POLISHER 21 once or twice a week. To make your skin soft and supple every day, massage BODY SMOOTHER 21 and FOOT SMOOTHER 21 onto your legs and feet, respectively.

REMEMBER: if you want stunning legs, climb stairs!