Product of the month - Booster Effect Serum 21

TIRED, EXHAUSTED, DRY, LINES, WRINKLES? The solution: targeted additional care with our Booster Effect Serum 21

Masks are instant beautifiers. They are your beauty fix after a tiring day. Serums, on the other hand, are more similar to a daily beauty retreat in the comfort of your own home. They really pack a punch: use them in a targeted way to treat the specific needs of your skin.

Booster Effect Serum 21 is the best choice for tighteningand firming your skin, stimulating regeneration, boosting skin volume and giving you an instant radiant glow.


21 Trans-Dermal expert tips for using the product:

1. Over the course of the day, apply 1‒2 drops to any patchesof dry skin with your fingertips as needed. Gently tap the product onto your skin. (You can use it on top of your make-up, too.)

2. Try using the product as a make-up primer for great resultsand plentiful hydration.

3. Thanks to its extremely light texture, you can easily blend our Booster Effect Serum 21 with fluid make-up. Mix 1–2 drops with your make-up as needed and apply the mixture to your face with your finger or a beauty blender. Your skin will love the moisture boost!

4. We also have an insider tip for all women and men sufferingfrom dry heels. After all, who wants their feet to look dry, coarse and chapped in open shoes? That’s right, nobody! Here’s the solution: apply 1–3 drops of Booster Effect Serum 21 to your heels and gently massage the product into your skin. We guarantee that your dry patches will become less visible by the day! Instead, you get beautiful, well-groomed heels! Just try it and see!


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