What is ReNew 21?

  • ReNew 21 is the ultimate innovative ingredient of the 21 Trans-Dermal® facial skin care range.
  • ReNew 21 is a revolutionary peptide of vegetable origin from medical research. Originally conceived for use in burn surgery, i.e. the cultivation of dermal tissue*1, it has found its way out of science and into the spheres of cosmetics.
  • ReNew 21 considerably improves the transmission of biological signals to the cells, thus initiating the creation of a strengthened*2 extra-cellular network (=reinforced tissue structure of the epidermis).*3
  • The product is geared towards the collagens I, III, IV, VIII and the elastine synthesis, and sensational effects have been proven in the fields of wrinkle reduction, tissue regeneration/densification and skin tightening.
  • ReNew 21 is used in all facial skin care products by 21 Trans-Dermal® (except: Regular Cleaner 21, Regular Refiner 21 and Glorious Lashes 21). Our flagship product, Booster Effect Serum 21, contains twice as much ReNew 21 as the other products. Try it and experience its outstanding effects for yourself!
  • ReNew 21 is produced using a highly complex biotechnological procedure. This makes the product free from allergens and contributes to the protection of our natural resources.